It’s been a big year! Big things happened, the world kept spinning, the internet grew to be more of a vacuous time-wasting hole…but not really, because that’s basically why we essentially all have jobs.

North’s 2013 Annual Review

It’s been a big year! Big things happened, the world kept spinning, the internet grew to be more of a vacuous time-wasting hole…but not really, because that’s basically why we essentially all have jobs. Before the ball drops and brings us into 2014, let’s check out the best of the year MMXIII (that’s Roman Numeral for 2013 if you didn’t take Latin in high school):

Twitter went public and it didn’t turn into the fail whale like Facebook’s subpar 2011 IPO. Instead, the blue bird’s stock soared on its teeny-tiny blue wings into startup-IPO history. Currently, $TWTR is valued around $40 per share (as of early December) after original estimates of around $25 per share. What a launch!

iPhone 5 LaunchOMG GUYS iPHONE 5s and 5c launched and it was ahhhh-mazing. Fingerprint recognition? Better camera? Bright colors and iOS 7 distracted us from the heavy price tag on the ol’ 5s – it comes in GOLD, guys – GOLD. I see the more budget-friendly 5c out on the street with the tween set- and still rue my iPhone 4. I mean, I have iOS 7 so I fit in, right? Maybe? Dammit, I’m heading over to buy a 5.

Amazon hinted at launching drones to deliver our small packages – within 30 minutes. Imagine the instant gratification! Are delivery drones the way of the future? Perhaps, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the drones are a few years out from actually completing a delivery. If it’s not a bird pooping on your head, it’s an Amazon drone landing on it. Thankfully I have a few years to prep my umbrella hat.

Snapchat turned up its nose at a $3 billion dollar bid from Facebook; effectively held up hand and said, “Show me the money, Jerry.” Slow clap, everyone. I’ll be excited to see who purchases the indomitable beast that is Snapchat.

Speaking of Snapchat…Snapchat surpassed social giant Facebook in photos shared per day with an estimated over 400 million images snapped per day. To compare, Facebook experiences about 350 million photo uploads per day, while Instagram nabs around 50 million images per day. Now it’s time to talk to people about how Snapchats never die….so keep your pants on. Seriously. No one wants to see that.Bitcoin

One word: Bitcoin. Do any of us know what it is, or define it to an acceptable level for an adult? Nope. But here’s my paltry attempt: open-source money-type-thingy that takes place without banks or ownership or regulations or rules or anything like that. It sounds risky and terrifying, so I can see the appeal for a lot of devil-may-care folks.

Google Glass tries to make glasses cool by launching wearable tech; people still look ridiculous while wearing it. I’ve seen them in real life, and I Oreohave to do a lot of double-takes when people start talking to their glasses. Maybe it’ll catch on in the next year…Nope. No it will not. Talking to your accessories will more often than not cause people to doubt your sanity, but if you find someone who’s into it, more power to ya.

Remember when Beyonce zapped all the power from Super Bowl XLVII with her amazingness? In the midst of the chaos of the power outage, Oreo boasted a major marketing coup d’etat when they tweeted that people CAN still dunk in the dark. The tweet was favorited almost 15,000 times, and garnered 20,000 likes on Facebook. Instagram followers spiked from 2,000 to over 35,000. Milk’s favorite cookie, indeed.

In show-streaming news, enter Google Chromecast. At 35 dollars, it’s just enough to allow you to never ever pay for cable again. The handy-dandy little USB streams from your computer to your TV, meaning that my husband can stream hockey off weird websites and see it on his very own big screen (which is why we can’t afford cable).

Miley twerked on Robin Thicke, the world imploded. After her incredibly bizarre performance at MTVs Video Music Awards, people felt the need to weigh in on her commitment to the twerk as art form. Whether it was “You go, Miley” or “Girl, you’re a role model,” or a silly GIF of her ridiculous outfit, the social world was downright obsessed with Miley. But aren’t we always? As Jay-Z intones, “Twerk, Miley, twerk.” Think what you will about Miley – you can’t deny that girlfriend keeps it interesting.

From streaming to Snapchat, twerking to Twitter, 2013 has been a big year. Cheers to 2014!!

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