North helps new ventures and corporate clients by working to evaluate new venture opportunities, develop growth strategies, and oversee launch execution to help ensure emerging ventures succeed.

North brings together the strategy, resources, and execution needed for launching, acquiring, or expanding an innovative new venture.

Elevating the value of a business and communicating that value in a clear and effective way involves more than just a good product idea and a prototype. It takes rolling up the sleeves, infectious energy and smarts, and extraordinary creativity across every aspect of business operations.

Investment Analysis

Forward facing investors require a consistent and objective analysis of each opportunity. North Venture Partners developed a software platform for quantitative and qualitative comparative venture analysis called the Venture 360 Report. (Learn more)

Due Diligence

Each opportunity contains key assumptions which must be reviewed, questioned, and proven prior to a commitment of capital or resources. Our repeatable process digs into each variable in order to fully validate market, financial, product, legal, and human capital assumptions.

Corporate Development

We often say “Innovate or Die”. These words are more true today than ever before. As companies seek to innovate, both internal and external opportunities exist. Identifying the right path for each business (lowest risk and highest reward) requires strategic thinking and significant research.

Target Identification

Within each market segment there are multiple opportunities. Identifying the right acquisition, investment, or merger target is achieved through a combination of business planning, analysis, and deep market understanding. North works with investors and corporate clients to identify the ideal targets.

Integration Planning

Investment returns from business combinations, regardless of investment, merger, or acquisition are always improved with effective integration.  North has designed and implemented integration plans spanning sales, IT, brand marketing, HR, legal, accounting, and operations.

Business Planning

Your business plan is not only the blueprint that communicates the vision of your business, it’s also a critical collection of words and numbers that needs to pass intense scrutiny from potential investors, partners, and employees. We help ensure your plan is bulletproof.

Market Analysis

Before jumping headfirst into a launching a venture, let North help create some clarity by investigating the market opportunity, the target audience, and the competitive landscape. It doesn’t matter how sharp your No. 2 pencil is if you don’t do your homework.

Capital Development

A thriving business takes brilliant products, marketing, distribution, operations, and the right amount of capital to execute a sound strategy. North works with early stage ventures to help identify and secure financial resources.

Financial Modeling

Getting a business, new business unit, or new project funded and supported (hell, even evangelized within a VC, or by an executive committee), requires that you invest in the development of unbreakable financial models and bottom up business cases.

Product Development

We’ve worked with both investors and corporate clients when they need a team to parachute into a project and get the product development process up and running. From software to consumer goods, we’ve led the process from a napkin sketch to the cash register ringing.

Brand Planning

Without a clear and compelling brand strategy, your company is just another fish swimming around aimlessly in crowded waters. Our approach is to build a complete and executable plan that provides distinction and will ultimately resonate with all those who interact with your brand.

Creative Strategy

Great creative alone will produce sparks, but it’s not enough to keep the lights on long term. It must be strategic, engaging, and most importantly, inspire consumers to respond, retell, and repeat. Before you crank up a creative team to innovate; arm them with the right ammo.

Promotion Development

Brands that simply ask consumers to sit on the sidelines like spectators and passively consume are continuously getting one-upped by those that invite them to create, produce, and participate. North helps your brand connect with your target by crafting true, experiential promotions.

Non-Traditional Marketing

At North, we put our PhD in street smarts to work for you by offering up a full menu of non-traditional marketing solutions. If your idea isn’t current, attention-grabbing, and involving, you’ve made one unremarkable brand impression. You’ve got one shot. Don’t miss.

Content Programs

There’s no denying that technology is changing how and where content is being created, distributed, and consumed. However, one thing the wired-world consumer doesn’t need is another banner ad riding shotgun to the exact same mix of music, photos, and videos.

Lead Generation

Brands that deploy the right tools, strategies, and technologies don’t just fill the funnel, they nurture each prospect from awareness to education and then onto a transaction. North works to create evergreen funnel filling programs that build consistent columns of closed deals.

Business Development

Launching a new product or venture often requires the ability to build organization-to-organization relationships that align both company and product goals. At North, we focus on cultivating long-term strategic partnerships for our clients where both sides benefit.

Sales Optimization

Creating a scalable sales organization requires striking a balance between territory, compensation, and product or service knowledge. From product training to communication techniques, developing a scalable sales process from day one can mean the difference between NASDAQ or DOA.

Channel Development

North works to surface, negotiate, and close deals with the right channel partners using a blend of business fundamentals, a little imagination, and a lot of experience to make sure high-quality brand-building and the most cost-efficient decisions are being made with channel partners.

Retail Distribution

Unless you can get your product in the places where consumers shop, then you might just be spinning your wheels. Most products need new angles, new shelves, and innovative ways to reach customers. North works to define, develop, and deploy the right retail strategy for your product.